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About Us

Why We Succeed

We have built a unique and highly effective system that allows us to create an individualized written, detailed, and carefully tailored plan for each student. This plan is constantly evaluated and adjusted to ensure that each student is making progress, meeting with success in multiple areas, and developing the knowledge and skills to communicate their needs in a clear, concise manner. We work closely with parents and outside professionals to ensure uniformity in practice and approach so that each student can reach their potential.

Because intervention focuses on what is causing the behavior rather than the behavior itself, students are accepted and understood for who they are. This is achieved by setting realistic expectations, based upon each student’s individual needs, allowing student’s strengths to be further developed and weaknesses remediated. As students develop lagging skills, students are better able to self-manage and regulate their symptoms, resulting in overall success.

In order to prepare our students to return to their home districts our curriculum is aligned to the New York State Learning Standards. In addition, we work collaboratively with school districts in developing IEP’s and preparing students to transition back to their home school. We also provide the following services: Professional development workshops, parent training, social skills training, curriculum development and transition planning.