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  • We CHanges Lives | Gersh Academy is the world leader in providing services to children and young Adults on the Autism Spectrum
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Our Approach

Our students, due to the nature and scope of their disabilities, require a specialized facility which differs from a public school setting. Gersh Academy provides the following:

  • Real-Time Functional Therapy: “Real-Time Functional Therapy” (RTFT) is applied the moment a student is having a difficult time or is in need of specific support. Our staff is specially trained to provide support using RTFT. Real-Time Functional Therapy (the philosophy, clinical approach and practical methodology) is our proprietary system based on and developed in collaboration with leading experts in the field of psychology, human behavior and learning disabilities. This methodology sets Gersh Academy apart from similar programs. Addressing the challenge as it occurs has been significantly more effective than having the student wait for a therapy session that may be scheduled hours or even days after the challenge arises.
  • Customization: We provide our students with a customized education which meet their unique needs. This customization affords us the opportunity to address the student’s cognitive, emotional, social and behavioral needs.
  • Environment: We provide a therapeutic setting with a high adult to student ratio. Our small classroom settings allow for a greater level of support for each and every student.
  • Services: Not all schools can provide the vast number of services required to encourage the growth and development of each student. Our students are provided with physical, emotional and social services, which allow them to be available to learn regardless of the scope of their disabilities.
  • Programs: We provide transitional programs to prepare students for their future, whether it is a post-secondary academic or vocational track ahead.
  • Grouping: Our flexible grouping allows us to deliver direct instruction to students with similar areas of strength to accelerate learning, as well as grouping students with similar needs to offer support and guidance to grow. Students’ social/emotional, academic and behavioral profiles provide appropriate groupings and therefore, promote a healthy and rich learning environment.

Gersh Academy typically services students who have been unable to receive an appropriate education in other, more traditional educational setting. We have been very successful in affording these children the opportunity to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially in a nurturing, customized setting.