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The Gersh Experience

The Gersh Experience takes a comprehensive and customized approach to providing support for students on the autism spectrum who have received a high school diploma or equivalent. The transitional program offers students four levels of support—social, psychological, life skills and educational—while developing independence.

It’s our goal that, upon completion of the Gersh Experience, our students go on to live independent and fulfilling lives. To help students transition to life on their own, we develop an independent living plan customized to each individual’s learning style. Important life skills, such as managing money and paying bills, grocery shopping, meal preparation, laundry and cleaning, are part of every plan.

Student apartments are conveniently located near public transportation—ensuring students learn to navigate the public transportation system safely and with ease. The facilities provide 24-hour security service along with recreational and social gathering areas that offer many opportunities for group activities. A Resident Assistant (RA) resides on site to provide supervision and additional support, as well as to help coordinate social activities.

The Gersh Experience has partnered with several career-focused, post-secondary educational institutions. Students can take college courses that align with their interests and abilities to prepare them for a career and life on their own. To help students succeed, Gersh Experience provides:

  • Time management support
  • Executive functioning support
  • Academic support and tutoring
  • Advocacy and self-advocacy training

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